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Are you frustrated with NO RESULTS in your MOBE business?

Welcome to the Day 1 of the 5 Day “MOBE” Bootcamp series.

In today’s bootcamp, I am going to teach you the FUNDAMENTAL CONCEPT that you need to master to start making $100,000+ a year in MOBE (which by the way is TOTALLY possible).

Anyone who follows (and implements) what I am about to teach you now SHOULD see success in their business.

Just like my student Adeline who made $100,000+ in her first year (who has now cleared $200,000 in around 1.5 years).

Now before I teach you the fundamentals, let me try and describe your situation and you tell me if I got it right:

For a long time, you have been searching for a legitimate way to make money online.

You try a lot of stuff but it doesn’t (quite) work as you

Then you come across MOBE.

The entire marketing, products & system looks FRESH and APPEALING to you.

You talk to your coach and decide to upgrade to MLR or Titanium or Platinum or Diamond.

You are excited to make $1000-$15,000+ in commissions without picking up the phone.

The whole thing makes BLOODY DAMN SENSE.

You can’t control your excitement.

So after setting things up, you run a few campaigns sending
traffic to your affiliate links with a little bit of manic glee
in your eyes (ok the last part was a bit of an exaggeration

Your Results – Poor.

Maybe you got NO SALES. Or a few sales here and there. Or you even got a $1000+ commissions which made you extremely excited but later on, you couldn’t make nice commissions with your future traffic campaigns.

You feel a bit down but you are still very positive about your

You go and ask people for help.

They tell you to build your own lead capture page, send traffic to that page, build your own email list, follow up with them and make sales.

So you try that too.

Results – Poor (again)

Maybe you got a bit more sales this time. Maybe you didn’t.

But nothing much that was worth talking about.

Now you aren’t sure what’s going on.

While you are excited about this business and its potential…you are ALSO getting frustrated with your lack of results no matter what you try.

Soon this minor frustration turns into a MAJOR hardcore

You are seeing all these screenshots of big commissions from other marketers and you feel both jealous and happy for them.

You are like “kudos to them but how the hell are they doing it while I am not”.

In fact, in your deepest heart, you feel that you are smarter
than them which only ends up frustrating you more because you are not able to get the results that they are getting.

In desperation, you buy courses after courses (about getting
quality traffic), try out every latest source you can find.

Result – You are still LOSING money and you HATE that.

You are like – what the hell is wrong with MOBE? Why isn’t it working for me while it does for others?

You are in a tough spot. You can see that MOBE can totally
transform your life but at the same time, you don’t know how to get those initial sales to get things rolling.

Now let me ask you a question?

Did I get it right?

Did I describe your situation EXACTLY the way it is (without being politically correct)?

If so, then you are GOING LOVE this email as I am going to
present you a solution to your problem.

A solution that will DESTROY your problem from the core.

And how do I plan to do that?

By teaching you the fundamentals.

The fundamentals that allowed me to make $2+ million in MOBE (and its just one of my businesses).

The fundamentals that allowed my students like Adeline to make her $100,000 in her first year online.

The fundamentals that ALL top earners follow (without exception) to make sales left, right and center.

So what is it that separates US from the rest who don’t get

In one simple sentence, the answer is:

A “unique”, “value based”, “compelling” Conversion

Let me break it down so that you understand it more clearly.

1. Unique – All top earners have a UNIQUE system that brands themselves and promotes products for them (ever seen a top earner use the same system everyone uses – no sir, you won’t – they all have their own unique system to promote even affiliate products).

2. Value Based – Our system isn’t just unique. It gives a LOT OF VALUE to the prospect before they make any purchase. Testing shows that providing value and educating your prospect sells better than anything else.  In today’s times, your prospects are super skeptical. They are willing to buy from you but you have to give them a good reason to do that. Just because someone puts together a unique capture page and throws in some follow up emails doesn’t mean he is going to make sales. An awesome conversion system must DELIVER LOTSA value in order to make sales.

3. Compelling – This is THE most important part. You don’t make a sale unless someone reaches out for their credit card and makes a purchase. A solid conversion system is one that is NOT only unique and delivers value to prospects but also one that is persuasive, asks for the sale and CLOSES the prospect. Most marketers have systems that either give no value or don’t close the sale properly. On the other hand, people like me and my students have a system that does everything. And that’s why we make a killing while others don’t.

So in a nutshell,

A Unique, Value Based, Compelling Conversion System is the secret to making big money in anything (including MOBE).

When you have this sorted out, you don’t have to run behind
secret traffic techniques or shiny objects.

You can simply go and purchase quality traffic, send them to your Conversion System and watch the sales roll in.

Am I making it look too simple?

Well…once you get the system done, test and tweak it….its
kinda simple.

I make $20,000+ a day and my students pull 6 and 7 figures

We don’t slog for our sales. It just flows in like how water
flows when you turn on the tap.

So how does a CRAZY GOOD conversion system look like? And how do you build one?

I reveal that in tomorrow’s bootcamp lesson.

So stay tuned.

If in case, you really want to skip ahead and get results in MOBE just like my student Adeline did, then go here and check out my Conversion Dynamite System.

My results speak for themselves.

I am a million dollar earner in Empower Network.

I am a million dollar earner in MOBE too.

I have a top tier Traffic Agency (probably the best in our industry).

I created 3 million dollar businesses by the age of 25.

Fact is…no matter what I promote, I kill it.

And my students do the same too.

Adeline used my secret system to hit $100,000 in her first year (and now is at $200,000 in nearly 1.5 years).

What’s the secret?

The good old Conversion Dynamite System.