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Components of a million dollar system?

Welcome to Day 2 of the “MOBE Cashflow Kickstarter” Bootcamp.

Yesterday, I talked about the one FUNDAMENTAL CONCEPT that you need to master to start making $100,000+ a year in MOBE (which by the way is TOTALLY and COMPLETELY possible).

The answer lies in having a “unique”, “value based”, “compelling conversion” system.

Today, I am going to show you how a CRAZY GOOD conversion system looks like.

I am going to reveal the entire 5 components of my conversion system that allowed me and my students to crush it in MOBE.

So pay close attention because what I am revealing now works big time.

Learn and apply it in your own MOBE business.

Component 1 – Compelling Lead Magnet

It all starts with offering your visitors some valuable information (report, pdf, cheat sheet, short video) in exchange for their email.

Now the purpose of the lead magnet is two fold.

One, to get maximum amount of people opting into your list.

Two, to get your subscribers to CONSUME your lead magnet (value) which in turn leads to sales.

Do you see what’s happening?

You start off your relationship with your leads with value.


Some of your prospects may buy immediately after checking out your lead magnet while others (even if they don’t buy immediately) will look forward to your future emails and buy sooner or later.

Always remember, a well built conversion system makes immediate sales as well as sets up TONS OF FUTURE SALES.

Now as far as lead magnets pertaining to MOBE are concerned, here are a few examples that could work well:

  1. 5 Wealth Codes That I Learnt From A $26K Mastermind
  2. FREE VIDEO Reveals: XYZ Secret To Making Big Money
  3. 5 Dangerous Mistakes To Avoid When Starting Online
  4. Interview With 6, 7 Or 8 Figure Earner On XYZ Topic

Try this out and you will start seeing increased engagement and more sales.

Your lead magnet could be an audio or video or pdf (cheat sheet or report) or anything.

As long as it conveys value while selling your offer, its GOLDEN.

Component 2 – List (Generating Traffic And Building A Quality Subscriber List)

Getting quality traffic and building a quality list of interested subscribers is very crucial.

Combine that with a solid marketing process and sky is the limit for you.

Here’s the issue though:

Most marketers make the mistake of thinking that success boils down to finding that magical SECRET traffic source that will unlock all the sales and profits for them.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

While getting good traffic & leads is essential, what you do with it makes ALL the difference in the world.

Me and an average marketer can use the SAME traffic source and while he will struggle to break even, I could be hitting 300% – 1000% ROI.

So get good traffic & leads and learn how to turn that into BIG PROFITS.

As for getting traffic & leads, I personally prefer email drops (solo ads) and banners the most. Once you test and find the right process, there is some incredible scaling power with these two. Of course other strategies like Facebook Ads work great too.

Component 3 – Front End Offer Or Core Offer

It’s the main product (or products) that you sell to your subscribers.

Core offer could be a front end offer like MTTB which leads to high ticket offers.

Or it could be a high ticket offer itself (like my SHIC Mastermind or Traffic Mastery Intensive or anything else)

Component 4 – Series of relationship building & persuasive emails

If you have been on my list for any short amount of period, you would know how much I emphasize on the need for writing and sending engaging emails to your list.

Why do I say that?

Because it freaking works.

And works BIG TIME.

Here’s a fact: I have written over 3000 emails for my list and made tens of millions of dollars. There is no greater asset than having a solid relationship with your list.

A good email series not only sells your core offers & front end products but it also builds a great relationship with your list which leads to SO MANY MORE future sales (and back-end sales too).

Many of my loyal subscribers stay on my list, keep reading my emails and BOOM…on one fine day they buy a $2000 – $10,000+ product from me.

So here’s my advice: If you want to kill it online, master the art of writing fun filled persuasive emails and your business would grow faster than ever.

Component 5 – Super Value Based & Persuasive Webinar

Let me tell you this.

Webinars are game changers.

Webinars are simply online seminars where you invite people to attend an online presentation at particular time.

Create one that your subscribers love and you will see sales FLOWING in left, right and centre.

There is no strategy that can bring in sales as fast as a well executed webinar campaign.

Why do you think all top earners use webinars so much?

Its because they produce massive sales.

So there you go.

These are the 5 main components of a KILLER conversion funnel.

Tomorrow I am going to go IN DEPTH about the game changing sales producing strategy (webinars) and how you can use them in your business.

I am also going to reveal the RESULTS I got via webinars and some of the stuff I reveal may be just jaw dropping.

So stay tuned.

Now if you want to jump ahead and get a solid conversion funnel for yourself, then check out my Conversion Dynamite System.

Its not a cookie cutter system.

It’s designed to help MOBE partners get a unique, sales producing conversion funnel with which they can make a killing.

That’s why my students get results like these:

Or these:

Or like Adeline who went from being laid off from her corporate job to hitting $100,000 in her first year and $200,000 within 1.5 years.

Right now, you have component number 3 (MOBE program which is your core offer), but you need to sort every other component in order to become successful.

And that’s where my Conversion Dynamite system comes in.

I am showing you a way to simply crush it with MOBE (a program that I know for a fact can help you get to 6, 7 or even 8 figures in the future).