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If you don’t use this, you are missing out on commissions

Welcome to the Day 3 of the “MOBE Cashflow Kickstarter” Bootcamp.

In the last 2 days, I talked about the FUNDAMENTAL concept you need to master to make your $100,000 with MOBE and also showed you the 5 components of a sales producing conversion system.

Today, what I am going to talk about is a game changer.

The one thing which when implemented correctly can not only bring you sales but also help you position yourself in a way to make 100X more money for YEARS to come.

What I am going to reveal today will BLOW your mind.

So let’s get started.

What’s the game changer component of a winning conversion system.

In simple words, its WEBINARS.

I can’t stress how crazy webinars can be.

Webinars are simply online seminars where you invite people to attend an online presentation at particular time.

The reason webinars work so well is because:

1. You can give great value in your webinar presentations. When you EDUCATE  your audience about their problems, TEACH THEM what they need to be doing to solve their problems and then OFFER your products/services to solve their problem in a faster, easier and reliable way, you make way more sales

2. You get to interact with your audience which means you can answer questions, overcome objections and close the sale

The webinar setting is so powerful they work great for higher priced products. In fact, they are preferred option when it comes to selling high ticket stuff.

Let me give you an example.

I crafted a webinar using my 6 Figure Kickstarter Auto Recruiting formula for my student Paul Lynch.

We invited a bunch of people to that webinar and ended up selling 21 MLRs.

An MLR costs $2000 to join.

So revenues were $42,000 from that one SINGLE webinar and Paul pocketed 50% of that.

Those MLRs led to backend sales of EVEN higher ticket products (Titanium & Platinum).

Now guess what?

We didn’t just stop there.

Since Paul pulled in $42,000 in revenues from a single webinar, we used that angle for positioning purposes which led to more future sales.

Today my student Paul has done over $1 million from MOBE alone and the initial momentum helped him create a storm.


In fact, I will give you my own personal example.

Few years back, I spent $7500 to advertise on Daegan’s list. He interviewed me and mailed out the interview to his list.

After a few days of promotions, I had generated 1100 leads.

Here’s what I did:

I quickly hosted a webinar (which was created using my Auto Recruiting formula) and used Daegan’s interview & my webinar to position myself.

In the end, guess how much I made?

When all was said and done, I had pulled in $125,000 from those 1100 leads and 2 years later, I am STILL getting paid.


The problem with most marketers is that they generate 300-500 leads via a solo ad but DON’T DO ANYTHING after that. They just keep hoping their system would do the selling job for them.

When I see that, I am like “what the hell is wrong with you guys?”

Start a webinar, invite them, make an awesome presentation and CLOSE, CLOSE & CLOSE.

Get the results and use that to position yourself which would lead to easier sales in the future.

Webinars are simply game changers.

The key to succeeding with webinars is to know HOW TO CREATE ONE PROPERLY.

Remember, webinars come in 2 kinds:

One that sucks and one that sells.

If your webinar is too salesy, you won’t make sales.

And if you webinar is too technical and educational (so much so that your audience has to take their own sweet time to process your information), then your sales will suffer too.

What you need to do is WALK THE TIGHTROPE between education and selling.

In other words, your webinar should give your audience an experience.

It must thoroughly educate and enlighten them but at the same time it must also give them the heart pumping thrill of what it means to FINALLY solve their problem.

Create this kind of webinar and watch your sales soar.

I have a specific webinar template called the 6 Figure Income Kickstarter Auto Recruiting formula to craft the perfect webinar which can bring in the sales.

As I said before:

I used the same formula to help my student Paul Lynch make 21 MLRs from one webinar.

I used the same formula to make windfall profits myself from Daegan Smith’s solo ad (and tons of other sources).

My other students use this formula to make a killing in their business.

Adeline for example hit $100,000 in her first year online.

In other words, my webinar template simply works.

All you need to do is paste your name and product and tweak stuff and you are good to go.

I give you that template inside my Conversion Dynamite System.

Inside this program,

1. You get a co branded lead magnet

2. You get my Auto Recruiting formula webinar template

3. You get a series of 30 high converting emails designed to sell your core offer

4. You get my $10K in 10 days course (physical product with secret templates & acton plans). Inside this course, you learn everything about traffic generation & conversion

5. You get 2 tickets to my prestigious event Traffic Millionaire’s summit where I reveal the latest strategies that are working GREAT in the marketplace

Basically this is both a Done For You & Training program designed to help you kill it with your MOBE business just like my other students.

So check this out:

Tomorrow I am going to reveal to you the ONE THING that allowed me to take my business to 10 million+ in the fastest way possible and how that one thing can help you a great deal too (its such a simple thing but the effect it has on you is astounding).

And I plan to use the same thing to 10X-100X my business in the future too.

It doesn’t matter whether you are yet to make your first commissions online or you are doing millions left, right and centre – this thing can change the way you play the game.

I will reveal that tomorrow.

So stay tuned.